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Greg Lindberg Explains What You Should Do After the College Acceptance Letters Start Rolling In

Next month, colleges and universities across the country will begin mailing out acceptance letters welcoming high school seniors to their freshman class. As a junior at the University of Pennsylvania, Greg Lindberg understands what these young men and women are going through. After four years of hard work, everything rides on a letter. It can be highly nerve-racking.


Greg Lindberg applied to several schools and was happy to be accepted not only to the University of Pennsylvania, but Bucknell University, Lehigh University, and Rutgers University as well. Once the acceptance letters arrived, Greg Lindberg had to make a decision. Which school did he want to spend the next four years? In the end, he ultimately decided on the University of Pennsylvania, but this was after a lot of soul-searching and research.


If you are a high school senior and find yourself in a similar situation next month, here are a few things to keep in mind so you know you will be making the right choice:


Ask the school for additional information: Ask your admissions counselor questions about matriculation, job placement, average debt, what students do for fun, and other questions pertinent to your decision. In addition to your admissions counselor, you might want to ask current and former students, so you can get a better picture.


Compare financial aid packages: One of the reasons why Greg Lindberg decided to attend the University of Pennsylvania was because he was offered practically a free ride. The less debt you graduate with the better, so be sure to take the financial aid packages seriously.


Revisit the Schools: Even if you have already gone to the college for an official visit, go again if at all possible. On your revisit, consider whether or not you could see yourself there. If so, ask additional questions to gain better insight on what four years at the college might look like.

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