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Lost Your Wallet? Greg Lindberg Explains What To Do

Greg LIndberg


Panic! It’s the first reaction many have when they reach into their pocket or purse to realize there’s no wallet.

Immediately, questions arise. Was it misplaced? Dropped? Followed by, does someone have all my credit cards and other important contents, now?

If you’re like most, you probably keep half of your life in your wallet, so losing it, is very scary. Greg Lindberg understands. He, too, has misplaced his wallet before.  To mitigate the potential damage, Greg Lindberg recommends taking the following steps, as soon as possible:

But before doing anything, Greg Lindberg says, “make sure that you actually did lose your wallet.” He suggests that you retrace your steps to be certain you didn’t just misplace it. Did you walk the dog or do yard work outside? Be sure to check between the couch cushions, under the bed, and other common places your wallet might have been dropped. If you still can’t find your wallet after a careful search, Greg Lindberg says to take the following actions:

Call Your Bank and Credit Card Issuers: Report your cards as lost or stolen to ensure anyone who has your cards won’t be able to use them. Your bank and credit card companies will handle the incident per their set procedures. Also, request new cards with new numbers as soon as possible.

Report Your Wallet Missing to the Police: This will provide evidence in case you do become the victim of identity theft or fraud. However, Greg Lindberg cautions that you shouldn’t expect the police to put their officers on the case for your missing wallet.

Put a Credit Freeze on Your Accounts and Issue a Fraud Alert: In the event that a thief does try to obtain new credit cards, or run up charges on your existing credit line, a credit freeze and fraud alert will ensure that the thief doesn’t succeed.  To freeze your accounts, contact the three major credit-reporting agencies.

Drive to Your Local DMV (Or have someone take you): Every state will have different rules regarding the replacing of a driver’s license, and most likely there will be a small fee. By replacing your license as soon as possible, you can begin to return to normalcy, as you wait for your new cards to arrive.

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