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Establishing Change in Your Life – Greg Lindberg Has the Secret to Success


New Year’s Resolutions can be difficult to stick to.  Most people fall back into bad habits by the middle of February.  The struggle to maintain positive change is not the person but the approach to change.

Greg Lindberg, CEO, believes change does not just happen overnight.  Here are some tips he has to promote positive change and ensure it lasts:

Examine the Purpose of the Change:  Knowing why change needs to be made is the first step, says Greg Lindberg.  Changing for the right reasons will motivate an individual to persevere.  If someone is motivated to change for vacuous reasons, they should reassess why this change is important to them.

Discuss Intentions with Others: Discussing goals and the desire to change with family and friends, creates accountability and motivation to stick to them.  Greg Lindberg says, when making a significant life change, receiving quality advice from others will help one successfully succeed.

Get Rid of Negativity:  Removing as much negativity as possible can have enormous benefits.  Spending too much time on social media will create a negative outlook and can even reduce self-control in the brain according to Greg Lindberg.  Getting out into the “real world” is also a good idea to generate a positive impact.


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